The Cartel Bike Info

LDN Bike Cartel specialises in fixed gear/single speed bikes. Our aim is to deliver the best looking, the best ride of your life bikes at an affordable price. We currently have a range of fixed gear with flip-flop hub bikes.

The knightsbridge, The Portobello, The Nottinghill, The Mayfair, The Soho, The Illuminator, The Chelsea & The Camden. 





The cartel uses high-tension steel for our frames and forks, which allows our bikes to be extremely strong and rigid, you can ride over bumps and potholes not having worry about the frame bending or cracking.



All of our bikes comply with UK regulation and come with necessary parts such as reflectors as well as front and rear breaks. Our bikes also come equipped with a flip-flop hub to allow you the choice of a fixed or free ride.





Every part and function on our bike have been tested rigorously and made sure that only the best components are added.

What is a flip-flop hub?

First, know the difference between a fixie and a single-speed. With a fixie, there’s no coasting. When your bike’s in motion, so are your legs. (Hardcore fixie riders don’t even run brakes, they simply use their superhuman thighs to decelerate and eventually screech to a halt).

Single-speed bikes only have one gear too, but that gear is mounted to a free-wheel that’ll let you coast — an indispensable feature if you live near any hills. Most, if not all, fixed-gear bicycles nowadays are equipped with “flip-flop” rear hubs that carry a fixed gear on one side and a freewheel on the other, allowing you to switch between the two by simply flipping the wheel around