5 reasons to cycle to work

Since Covid-19 had entered our lives, life has changed dramatically. More and more people are now finding alternative ways to get around, and the best form of transport is a Bicycle!

Below you will see 5 reasons why its great to get on a bicycle and make that your new form of transport.

1. Reduce risk of covid-19 contagion 

The current advice from the Department for Transport is to cycle or walk when you can. There is a greater circulation of air and less risk you will come into contact with others when you cycle to work.  

2. Trim up and lose weight

Cycling to work can be a great way to lose weight, whether you’re just starting out or are looking to use your cycling as a way to trim up and shift a few pounds.

It’s a low impact, adaptable exercise that can burn calories at a rate of 400-750 calories an hour, depending on the weight of the rider, speed and type of cycling you’re doing.

3. You will get fitter

It should be no surprise that cycling will improve your fitness. If you don’t currently exercise regularly, the improvements will be even more dramatic and the benefits greater, and cycling is a great low-impact, low to moderate intensity way to get more active.

4. Explore around you

If you take public transport you likely have no choice, if you drive it’s probably habitual, but chances are you take the same journey day after day. By cycling to work you give yourself the opportunity to take a different route, to explore around you.

You might find a new beauty spot, or perhaps even a shortcut. Travelling by bike gives you far more opportunity to stop and take photos, turn and look back, or even disappear up an interesting side street.

5. Mental health benefits

Cycling UK survey of more than 11,000 people found that 91% of participants rated off-road cycling as fairly or very important for their mental health – strong evidence that heading out on the bike is a good way to de-stress and clear the mind.

Whether your route to work is on or off road, it’s likely to help you clear your mind, boost your mental well-being and lead to long term mental health benefits.