About Us

About Us

London Bike Cartel was founded in 2013 by two east end brothers who were obsessed with bicycles. With a shared determination and vision, we set out to introduce, uniquely stylish, and affordable bicycles to the planet.

Fast forward 6 years and we’re still doing what we love — putting our passion for design, simplicity, and community into every bicycle we create and working day and night at our headquarters to make you fall in love with your daily commute.

We are now in the process of incorporating geared, internal gear, battery-powered systems within our designs to offer our customers a range of options that suit their needs.

We have been living up to our promise we made 6 years ago, that is to gain our clients’ trust and we are not planning on breaking it ever in the future .


Our Cycles have been tested to the highest standards which meet ISO 4210-5


We ship almost anywhere in the world,

Hand Delivery

Want to ride home on your new bike? No worries! We can greet you anywhere in London.


We will adjust the bike you purchase from LBC for as long as you own the bike.